Several renovations have been carried out to recover the building and make it usable in its entirety.

A first renovation was focused on the creation in the basement of the exhibition gallery and it was completed in 2002.

A second phase of renovation started in June 2008 and posed the objective of an overall consolidation of the structure. The recovery project involved the workshop and the homes.

In the laboratory, the roof has been restored maintaining the beams and the historic trusses of the building. In the central part of the roof, a long glass window was to permit the entrance of natural light inside the workshop. It has also been built a new floor to be used as a space for the drawing and use of forestry. The administrative offices were renewed and equipped with a meeting room connected to the work and exhibition spaces. There were also built new services, changing rooms and two apartments.

For the third stage, concerning the finishing, additional funding will be needed.

Alongside the laboratory will be completed "laboratories" for processing of small works in specific materials such as plaster, wood, metal or paint and a freight elevator that allows the movement of the sculptures in the exhibition gallery. The first floor will house a drawing and projecting room, a storage room and a library. Three independent rooms with common dining room will be built to accommodate artists and students in residence during the realization of their projects, training and participation in events.


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